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About Us

Welcome to the comPAny

Growing interest in pro-health and pro-ecological preparations, which at the same time enable the use of natural riches and the power of nature, and provide the ability to prevent, support and sometimes also treat many diseases and ailments in animals, we have created an innovative line of specialized preparations for veterinary use only – Biochem Vet.
The Biochem Vet line of preparations was created thanks to cooperation with animal nutrition specialists, research centers in the country and abroad, as well as a large group of specialized veterinarians who have served us with their valuable knowledge and experience gained during many years of field work.
Access to a modern research laboratory, innovative technological lines as well as experienced and qualified staff enables us to create the highest quality products.

Wide range of products

The quality of Biochem Vet products is confirmed by the GMP+ certificate. We have a wide range of products, which allows us to precisely select substances to the needs and condition of animals. Our team works continuously with veterinarians and breeders and conducts research on improvements and new solutions in response to their needs.
We know that it is beneficial for people, animals and the environment to move away from the misuse of antibiotics and synthetic agents in breeding and turn towards fully natural preparations.

Proven quality of raw materials

The choice and the selection of components that we use in our production is of great importance to us. We have consciously adopted high standards for suppliers of raw materials and created a team specially dedicated to conduct continuous quality control of ingredients used in our preparations.
Therefore, we are sure that our products bring very good results in the treatment of viral, bacterial and fungal infections of animals and positively influence their healthy and rapid development.